Hannah + Blaine | Joyful Couple’s Shoot in Kalamazoo, MI

Tuesday night I got to hangout with two of Isaiah and I’s good friends Hannah & Blaine for a couples photoshoot!! These two have been dating for almost two years and wanted to celebrate by getting some pictures taken!! I was so honored when they asked me!
I have made it my mission in this photography world to not just take beautiful pictures.. because frankly.. anyone can do that in this day in age!! My goal is to give my clients an experience they will never forget! So, instead of saying "okay give me your best fake laugh!" which can get very awkward for some people – I would give cues to my couples to create a genuine laugh!!
I told Hannah & Blaine, for example, to walk towards me together (facing away from each other) and when I tell them to, turn towards each other and make the ugliest face they can think of at each other! The result was HILARIOUS! We were belly laughing our entire session!!
Well, I hope they had as much fun as I did, because I will never forget this joyful, fun, light-hearted session!!! You can see more from our session below!

"Okay on the count of three, yell whatever you want at the top of your lungs!!" Haha I can’t even remember what they said but it was LOUD and we were laughing so hard!

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