Amanda + Adam | Romantic Spring Anniversary Session in Kalamazoo | Milham Park

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n February, I teamed up with local hairstylist, Hannah Bowman to do an anniversary session giveaway! I was so excited about this, and when I found out Amanda & Adam won, I was so excited! I actually knew Amanda & Adam from college and was excited to get to hangout with them and see how they were doing! They got married in October 2016, so this year they will be married for three years!

Amanda & Adam first met up with Hannah at Cabellos Salon in Richland so Amanda could get her hair and makeup done for the session. Then we headed over to Milham Park in Kalamazoo for their session, only to be met with rain 10 minutes later… HA! I was so bummed thinking that the rain may not stop and she had just gotten her hair and makeup done. Thankfully I am speedy and was able to get their first outfit done before the rain hit, so we hungout in our cars until the rain passed (and this allowed them to change because the bathrooms were locked for some reason!) about ten minutes later (thank the Lord!). No makeup or hair was destroyed by the rain 😉 it ended up working out perfectly.

The rain was kind of nice because everyone who was at the park left except us, so it made it really easy going from spot to spot not having to worry about photobombing prom pictures haha.

I told Amanda & Adam repeatedly how cute they were, and honestly I probably over-used the word. But I MEANT IT EVERY TIME! They are such a sweet couple and their little giggles were the best. This session was so much fun for me because they were just having a ball. Couples like Amanda & Adam are why I do what I do!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from our time together! I am so in love with this session!

(& a special thanks to Hannah Bowman for doing Amanda’s hair and makeup! She looked flawless!!!!)

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