Caitlin + Tyler | Joyful Fall Engagement Session at Michigan State University | Lansing, MI.

[dropcap] Caitlin [/dropcap] and Tyler are the sweetest! We met up on Sunday at Michigan State University’s campus for their engagement session! Despite the bits of snow and the very chilly weather, this is one of my favorite sessions to date!

But, can I just pause right now and just brag on this couple for a moment? First of all, I am not exactly the best with directions, ya feel? Like I am the type of gal that needs a GPS at all times. (Unless I’m driving to Starbucks because I definitely know where that is). Sooooo when I arrived on campus, Caitlin explained where they were parked and I drove around in circles because despite her very detailed directions, I could not for the life of me find where they were! Ha!! And on a big campus like MSU I felt totally lost. So eventually I just pulled over and called her, and she’s like “we will just come find you!!” How flipping sweet is that?

Don’t worry, the end to that story is they found me in a random parking lot and all is well! Lol!

This was my first time meeting the both of them, and I had been looking forward to it for so long! I actually got connected with Caitlin through Instagram! She was searching for her dream wedding photographer under the hashtag #michiganweddingphotographer and found me!! Andddddd for reference…. there are 91,688 posts under that hashtag… let that sink in..

God totally ordained this.

There are literally nearly 100,000 posts under that hashtag, and finding me there is just amazing! It was totally meant to be for a few reasons…

When Caitlin and I were chatting on the phone during her consult, we somehow got to talking about how we both have type one diabetes AND have a sweet love for German Shepherds! Uhm, that’s AMAZING. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much in common with a bride! So you can just imagine how much fun we all had at their engagement shoot!

Now on to Tyler.. he is just one great guy! And he’s hilarious! I can see his love for Caitlin so evident in the way he smiles down at her or holds her hand!

So I have picked some of my favorite photos from our time together, I invite you to scroll on down and see how joyful and sweet this couple is! (and I’m so thankful we found this tree.. I think it might be our last taste of fall since winter has decided to arrive early!!)

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