Madison + Connor | Winter Engagement Session in Rockford, MI.

[dropcap] I [/dropcap] was looking forward to last Friday for quite a few months now as I got to finally meet up with Madison + Connor for their engagement session! Last summer Madison contacted me for their upcoming July 2019 wedding and I was so overjoyed to get to know her + Connor. She is currently studying at Lee University in Tennessee, and Connor is back home in Hart, MI., so you could say they are totally rocking long-distance!

Thankfully Madison is home for a few weeks for Christmas break, so that’s why we chose to meet up in December!

But I mean, did it feel like December?! No. Haha! It was raining and then sleeting a bit and then it snowed, so during our time together we kind of got it all! You would think there would be at least 6 inches of snow by now due to Michigan’s track record, but hey I am not complaining! I loved the locations we chose. The first stop was Hart Christmas Tree Farms in Rockford, and then we were off to a nearby park named Luton Park! The Christmas tree farm definitely gave the pictures more of a wintery feel, despite the lack of snow, and I loved the tall grass at Luton Park!

All in all, our time together was so fun, even if it was rainy and cold! Madison + Connor are people who are so warm and welcoming that you feel like you’ve known them for a lifetime!

You can check out a few of my favorites from our time together below!

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