Mr. and Mrs. Lichti | neutral romantic greenhouse wedding

Have I ever been so excited to share a blog post with you all before? I don’t think so!!!
You guys… Saturday’s wedding was AH-MAZING!!! I could give you 103742 reasons why it was amazing, but I’ll keep it to three (and I’ll try to keep it short but no promises):
1. Uhm this couple is not only beautiful but so, so kind. Everyone that knows them knows how genuinely sweet they are! And also yes they could be models I know we were all thinking this same thing 😉
2. Their color scheme was out. of. this. world. I remember a phone conversation Alyssa + I had this past winter where I asked her various things about her wedding, and I ended up asking if she had a color scheme. She said she just really loves neutrals and didn’t want to have colored bridesmaid dresses. I was like "it’s your wedding! Do what makes YOU happy!" and you know what… we are all so glad she did what made her happy because when you see these bridesmaids dresses you’re going to wish you had chosen black bridesmaids dresses too (or is that just me??). The entire day was filled with black and white (and greenery accents) and it just shows how classy this couple is!
3. Lastly their wedding reception was AT A GREENHOUSE!!! I know they’re becoming more popular but, if you’re a bride & planning your wedding right now let me let you in on a hint: a greenhouse is PERFECT. (If it’s raining outside, you still have plenty of beauty in the greenhouse to take photos, your photographer will also love you because the greenhouse will provide perfect lighting, and it’s already pre-decorated, so that’ll save you on decoration costs!.. I could go on but this isn’t about me convincing you about having a greenhouse wedding;))!
So now that you know why I love this wedding, I’m going to let you decide what you love about this wedding. Ready to see this amazing wedding day?!

Special thanks to the amazing team of vendors who helped make this day possible!!
Coordinating: Brianna Hubbard
Dress shop: Abbott’s Bridal
Dress: Willowby by Watters Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Church: Oak Grove Mennonite Church
Reception Venue: Buchwalter Greenhouse
DJ: Liam at Beach Boyz Entertainment

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