Mr. + Mrs. Jansma – St. Joseph, MI. Tiscornia Beach Wedding

Bailee + Will’s love story began a few year’s ago when Carli, Bailee’s friend & bridesmaid, brought Bailee along with her to a wedding. Little did she know God was aligning the stars perfectly for her to meet her future husband at that very wedding where she knew no one.
Will happened to be at that same wedding (as a groomsmen!) and there was an instant connection shared between these two.

Well, the only thing is.. Will was in the Air Force and they had to spend as much as six months apart at a time. Through his time away, though, their relationship flourished. They only grew closer! I actually was working along side Bailee during these times because we were RA’s on the same floor in college! I remember the first time she mentioned this guy named Will, so when she contacted me to photograph their wedding I was so ecstatic! I officially got to meet Will in January when we did their engagement shoot, and wow, I have never seen a more joyful couple!
It’s safe to say this wedding will go down as one of my favorites!! I wish nothing but a lifetime of happiness and no more goodbye’s for this amazing couple!
Below you can check out some highlights of their wedding day 🙂

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