Seth + Macie | Engagement Session | Celery Flats, Portage. MI

Oh my word you all.. I am so excited to share these pictures from Seth + Macie’s engagement shoot with you!!
Saturday they came up from Indiana to Portage, MI. for their engagement shoot. The forecast said it was going to rain. all. day. Macie and I were texting back and forth wondering if we should reschedule but there really wasn’t a time between then and June 23rd that we could get together for another shoot. So, we stuck it through hoping for the best!
Well, I’m glad we did because this might be my favorite engagement shoot of all time! It ended up not raining….until the very end ๐Ÿ˜‰ story on that later.
From Seth talking in various accents to making funny sounds in her ear – most of these photos are so candid! I like to make my couples feel as comfortable as possible in front of my camera. I would definitely say that’s my number one goal (even over pretty photos!).
Towards the end of the engagement shoot I hear someone in a different group of people say "I felt a raindrop!"
In my head I was like "OH NO!"
When Seth + Macie began feeling raindrops their reaction wasn’t what I expected it to be! They wanted to continue shooting in the rain!!
This led them to share with me that during every significant event in their relationship it has rained so far! Camping, dates, the proposal and even more! But these two haven’t let that affect them whatsoever and honestly, I find it cute that they have that story! You know what they say.. rain is good luck!
Well, June 23 will be here in 39 days and I literally cannot wait to spend their wedding day with them! I feel so lucky ๐Ÿ™‚
More photos from our time together below!!

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